Defesa de Proposta de Dissertação: Carlos Sergio da Silva Marinho


Título: MOON: An Approach to Data Management on Relational Database and Blockchain

Data: 18/10/2019

Horário: 10:00h

Local: Sala de Aula 01 - Bloco 952


Relational Databases (RDB) have been widespread for decades. However, new technologies emerge, such as Blockchain. It has relevant properties, for example, immutability and no trusted third party. Thus, it is feasible for applications that use RDB to migrate part of their data to Blockchains to benefit from these properties. This research proposes the MOON, a hybrid approach to manage data in RDB and Blockchain, which receives SQL queries.


  • Prof. Dr. Javam de Castro Machado (MDCC/UFC - Orientador)
  • Prof. Dr. Leonardo Oliveira Moreira (UFC - Coorientador)
  • Prof. Dr. Flávio Rubens de Carvalho Sousa (MDCC/UFC)
  • Prof. Dr. Emanuel Ferreira Coutinho(UFC - Quixadá)

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